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B&B Conero: Visit the Riviera del Conero

to visit the Conero area, we invite you to stay at our renowned country house with pool in the historic residence "Villa Scuderi".

If you are looking for a B&B to visit the Conero area, we invite you to stay at our renowned country house with pool in the historic residence "Villa Scuderi".

Villa Scuderi Country House Bed & Breakfast, thanks to its strategic location, allows very easily to the attractions that the Conero Riviera offers and to enjoy the spectacular nature of the Monte Conero and the Regional Park attached to it.

The Conero and its attractions

b&b next to Conero's Riviera Mount Conero is the promontory of the Umbria-Marche among the most important of the Adriatic coast. Although it is not characterized by a high altitude, it is recognized its majesty for its peculiar shape. Overlooking the sea, Mount Conero is rich in vast and beautiful sights, as well as the high cliffs where you can play the typical mountain activities, such as hiking and free climbing has become increasingly widespread.

The geological history of Mount Conero drew the interest of many scholars, that through a careful inspection of the entire promontory reconstructed the complicated succession of settlements and civilization that over the centuries have inhabited the mountain, favored by a territory nothing harsh and hostile and rich in resources. In addition to the petroglyphs, numerous caves dating from different periods and on which myths and legends have been created we have been found that help make suggestive territoro.

Book online with B&B to stay at Villa Scuderi, or request information about accommodation packages "B&B Conero", with excursions and tours organized on the coast of the Conero.

soggiorno e escursioni riviera del Conero, Ancona, Sirolo, Numana e Porto Recanati.The mountain, which is named after the ubiquitous strawberry tree (or "marine cherry"), tree highly valued by red fruit that characterizes the flora of the cape and the surrounding area, stands in the middle of Conero Regional Park. This is a protected area covered entirely with its 18 trails, along which you can observe the rich wildlife reserve (peregrine falcons and owls, and all the typical alpine species among the best known), visit precious historical and artistic monuments such as the Watchtower and the church of Santa Maria in Portonovo bay, and taste the best products of the land at the facilities that are encountered along the route.

The park encompasses the most attractive resorts on the Adriatic coast of the Marche region that make up the Riviera del Conero, which has a coastline of about twenty kilometers, starting from Ancona and coming up Sirolo and Numana, full of coves and small rocky beaches or rocky between the most frequented by Italian and international tourism.

Thanks to captive boat trips, you can still appreciate the expanse of white pristine beaches, passing through the most secluded bays and the most easily accessible beaches and equipped. Other activities such as snorkelling and sport diving allow you to take a closer look spectacular cliffs and other natural elements.

Stay in B&B and the Conero Riviera

country house coneroTypically staying in bed and breakfast is chosen by visitors as the "base" in a strategic position for effetture more tours and excursions in the most special places of the territory. The location of our Country House is appreciated by all guests who wish to visit the Riviera del Conero. It will be easy to visit all the attractions and points of interest along the coast or inland - castles, villages and rich art cultural sites - as the seat having a historic home on the hills of Recanati, and a few minutes from the coastal area, surrounded in a unique natural landscape of its kind.

At the end of your tour you can relax in our pool, or taste wines and typical products of the Marche region.